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Colouring Tutorial for this:

works for a few different coloured caps.

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This coloring tutorial intends to help all those out there who may just have recently gotten acquainted with what I hope will be a long-time BFF for them in the near future: Photoshop. Of course, there can be many different ways to do very similar things on Photoshop. That basically means that the method I describe may not always be the easiest and it definitely won’t be the only way to do something. I’ve been using Photoshop for a couple of years now and even I find myself learning about new ways every now and then.

So anyways, I’m writing this tutorial as per request. We’re going to learn how to go…

First, let’s get a little acquainted with the area we’ll need to add the adjustment layers that will collectively be known as ‘the coloring’. This screenshot kind of explains it all:

I like to group all the layers together so press on the little group icon.

Now, you can basically add any of the layers found in the ‘magic box’ to give different effects. Here are the ones I’ve added to get the coloring I got above:

First, add a brightness/contrast layer just to brighten up the image or gif a bit. These are the values that I’ve used:

Brightness: 40
Contrast: 11

Next, add a solid fill layer in a color you think will look good. Maybe I’ll choose a light shade of pink like #ffd0e4. Then set it to soft light.

Now, add a color balance layer with these values:

Shadows: -23, -4, -9
Midtones:  12, -36, -77
Highlights: 2, 12, 28

Add a new gradient fill layer (from the same place we went to to add that new pink solid fill layer). I like to use the already present white to black gradient. Set it to soft light and lower the opacity. Here, I’ve lowered the opacity to 50%.

Want those colors to pop? How about using a vibrance layer?

Vibrance: 37
Saturation: 36

Now add another gradient fill layer, the same white to black one. Only this time, set it to radial instead of linear, check the box next to ‘Reverse’ and change the angle so that the circle is bigger. Set it to soft light and lower the opacity to… let’s say 70%.

Another color balance layer should now be added with these values:

Shadows: 35, 0, 0
Midtones: -25, 62, 65
Highlights: 0, 0, 0

How about another vibrance layer to make the colors pop a bit more?

Vibrance: 16
Saturation: 48

I personally think that’s enough. I like how it looks now and so I’ll save it and all will be good. If I want to apply the coloring on other pictures or on gifs, I can simply just drag the entire group into that window and VIOLA! For gifs, make sure you place the group of layers ABOVE all the layers of your gif or else the coloring might only be applied to some. Oh by the way, if you want to save the actual coloring for future use, then you must save the file as a PSD.

In fact, if you’d like a PSD for this coloring, I uploaded it for you all HERE

And I suppose that is it. Be sure to try different things out. Experiment. Practice. Experiment some more. A coloring will definitely look different from image to image or from gif to gif so keep that in mind. You’ll have to alter layers here and there to make it suitable. I honestly prefer you just mess around with many of the layers and add some of your own. You can’t establish your own style if you always use the colorings of others. So, as I said, EXPERIMENT MY LOVELIES! It may be scary but fight the fear and experiment! Okay, I’ll shut up now. I hope this has been helpful. Here are some examples of this coloring being applied to other images:

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