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first of all i have never made a tutorial before and i don’t know if you will understand but if you have any questions feel free to ask

i use photoshop cs6 for this

you need basic editing skills. very low level

i’ll go step by step. this is the easiest way to do it. there are faster ways

  • choose your pictures 2 or more and edit/color them any way you want. and the make sure the are the same width and height and set the width to 500px or less.
  • save your pictures and close the files.
  • change mode to motion. on the top right 
  • in the bottom your timeline shows up. if it doesn’t show up go to window>timeline
  • now go to file>scripts>load files into stack
  • and add your pictures. make sure they are all the same height and width before you do this!!!
  • click ok
  • your pictures are all added as a layer like this
  • go to your timeline and go to make frames from layers
  • you can find that here
  • and the frames will show up in your timeline
  • i only use 3 now
  • select all frames. you can click all the frames while holding ctrl or go to the timeline menu and click select all frames
  • we need to delay it so you have to go to the triangle next to the sec and click it
  • click on other and change it to ,35 
  • you can change the delay how much you want but for these kind of gifs i like something between ,3 and ,4
  • now click on once and change it to forever
  • it says so right under the frames
  • and click play to preview
  • and thats the basic
  • make sure if you use it for tumblr that the width is 500px or smaller
  • you can change the image size image>image size. make sure you have constrain proportions on. 
  • go to file>save for web
  • you’ll get this screen
  • the settings on here are the once i use for the best quality. if you change it the quality can still be great but it will be less
  • to make sure your gif will work on tumblr it has to be under 1000kb.
  • you can check that here
  • if it is bigger, you can delete some frames or we can change some settings
  • be careful with changing the settings because it will change the quality
  • you can lower the ditter to about 85%. but i never go lower than that. usually lowering to 97% will give you about 50-70kb reduced
  • you can add lossy and i never add more than then 
  • you can find those at the top right
  • if your gif is just a little over 1000kb you can use another option
  • top menu and then optimize to file size
  • and you can change it to under 1000kb. i usually do 990 or 992
  • click save
  • and tada you have a gif

i hope this helps you

let me know if you have any questions and feedback is very welcome

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This is a simple tutorial, since I’m definitely not the most skilled person with Photoshop… however, you asked kindly and I want to try, so that’s it!

For the tutorial, we’ll be using textures from this pack, and this screencap! 

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