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psd 186 → (ss) (mf)

→ contains NO vibrance. probably works on a lot of shows, though i only tried it on teen wolf, once upon a time and pretty little liars.

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psd 01»  mf  | Contains Vibrance | Like/reblog it taking

As this is one of my first psds I would really appreciate if you guys could send me some feedback, what you liked about it, what you didn’t, how i could improve it, things like that. It works on most scenes, dark or light backgrounds. I would also be really really happy if you guys could like this post when downloading the psd, so that I could know how many of you are actually using it! Thank you so much and I hope you like it!

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psd 29. download

purple,green,blue,oragne psd for ‘Pretty Little Liars’ caps.

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PSD 002.
download ⇢ one / two

please like the post if taking ☺

**optional vibrance layer**

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Like if you’re going to download.


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PSD-01 .like if you download

Download (x)

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If you dowloand please like this post.


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PSD 51 → 4 PSDs (including a greenish one for the anon): Please like/reblog if you’re downloading
note: the psds are the pretty much same, just with the colors already altered for you

Download link(s): {mf}

*contains no vibrance

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My Second Try For PSD ^_^ 

Please Like or Reblog if u Download :) 

Download: (mf

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Download - please like if taking
*does not contain vibrance

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