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♛ colour scheme #003 - hufflepuff colour scheme ♚by jeremyfuckingmckinnonhex codes: #ECB939 #F0C75E #726255 #372E29
♛ colour scheme #003 - hufflepuff colour scheme ♚
by jeremyfuckingmckinnon
hex codes: #ECB939 #F0C75E #726255 #372E29
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Theme 03: Home by midnightsnitch [x]

↳ Live Preview // Code

  • Sidebar image must be 250px wide and 300px high.
  • Hover over sidebar image for description & pagination.

I thought it was time to give out the codes for me current theme because I’ve been hoarding it for awhile. Hahaha. :)  As usual, if you need any help with the theme don’t hesitate to ask. I will do my best to help you. Remember to save your theme before you edit the HTML or it’ll revert back to its default colours. Suggestions and feedback is very much appreciated. :)

Please like or reblog if you use. <3

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PSD#36 with vibrancedownload link: ★


PSD#36 with vibrance

download link:

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